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Cyrus Klepcys Mars News

Cyrus Watches was at Belles Montres 2013

Written by Marc on 3 décembre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

Once again, the brand attended the most important French watches fair : Belles Montres. Located in the Carrousel du Louvre in the heart of Paris, Belles Montres welcomes some of the prestigious brands and allows visitors and collectors to meet directly with the people who are working inside the watchmaking industry.

Cyrus showed the Cyrus Klepcys for the first time in France and the overall response was great !


WMotors test drive in Dubai, now we are talking!

Written by Marc on 22 novembre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

I am not the biggest fan of supercars, I am more a watch-guy. Having said that, I still know how to appreciate those fast, aggressive and more than often futuristic machines. The fantastic WMotors Lykan supercar was recently in Dubai for a test drive.

Let me tell you one thing : If you don’t enjoy this video, it means that there is something clearly wrong with you ;)

This is what 3.4 millions of dollars get you :

WMotors and Cyrus in the Dubai Motor Show

Written by Marc on 7 novembre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

The Dubai Motor Show 2013 is currently open from the 5th to the 9th of November 2013. Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center, it is one of the most luxurious car show in the world. You can see many brands attending this show, among them there is WMotors with the Lykan HyperSport supercar! (More information here).

What makes this supercar so special? Just take a look at the picture below and you will understand… And by the way, one of the seven cars has been sold the first day of the show, the future owner will have the chance to own one of the most exclusive car ever made and a special edition of the Cyrus Klepcys made for WMotors.


You can also check a video recap of the first day of this show : (source :

Cyrus is going to be the official partner in Hollywood !

Written by Marc on 29 octobre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

I have not much information regarding this exciting news at this moment, but Cyrus is going to be an official partner of a movie and/or an actor in Fast and Furious 7 ! I believe that this partnership will be made with WMotors the Lykan Hypersport supercar. If you remember well and read this article, the WMotors Lykan will be delivered with a special version of the Cyrus Klepcys (limited edition of 7 pieces).

The newest model of W Motors, a Beirut based company and the only company producing supercars based in Middle East, is called LykanHypersport. It is going to be unveiled during the Qatar Motor Show in January 29th 2013. This supercar will be a limited edition of only 7 cars and will cost 3.4M USD.


More information as soon as possible regarding this !

Only Watch 2013 – Cyrus Watches results

Written by Marc on 3 octobre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

On September 28th 2013, in Monaco, the Cyrus Kambys (the first one of the new collection and a pièce unique created for Only Watch!) has been sold at 40’000€ (without taxes) to a collector. Considering that the official price of a Kambys without taxes is 33’250€ it is a huge success for the brand! Indeed most brands did not reach their estimated price for this auction. I believe that most prices were too high in the beginning…

This pièce unique Kambys is simply gorgeous and I am a bit jealous of the future owner…


Mesut Özil, the Cyrus watches ambassador leaves Real Madrid

Written by Marc on 9 septembre 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

On September 2nd 2013, Mesut Özil officially  agreed to join the famous English football club Arsenal. For five years he will play in the Gunners as number 11 !


Özil said in an interview : « At the weekend, I was certain I would stay at Real Madrid but afterwards I realised I did not have the faith from the coach or the bosses. I am a player who needs this faith and that is what I have felt from Arsenal, which is why I have joined. »

Mesut will make his debut in the most succeesfull club of England on the 14th of September 2013 in Sunderland

Mesut Ozil new website has been released

Written by Marc on 12 juillet 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

Mesut Özil the famous football player and, since a few months, proud ambassador of Cyrus Watches, has just released his new website. You will find a lot of different informations about his social media profile (very active in Facebook and Instagram), a few things about his life, his favorite music and his very own personally lifestyle.


Of course the two main sponsors of Mesut Özil are present on the website : Adidas and Cyrus. You can see a few pictures of him wearing a Cyrus Kuros 598-002-A.

A personal favorite is the « My facts » section where you can see that he has played more than 350 games that is 25205 minutes played and 12490 passes with a passing accuracy of 85% … now I understand why he is one of the best young and promising player!

You can take a look at his website by clicking this link.

Check out Cyrus Watches in the next Olympic Games

Written by Marc on 13 juin 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

Cyrus is one of the sponsor of the Portuguese AEJG Fencing Team. This team will participate to the next Summer Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

The competition will start on the 5th of August 2016 and will end on the 21st of August 2016.

This is a big move for Cyrus as the competition will be broadcast live all over the world.


Mesut Özil hurt his ankle

Written by Marc on 16 mai 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

Ten minutes before the end of the football match : Màlaga vs Real Madrid, Mesut Özil fell down, hurting his right ankle. He was quickly taken off on a stretcher as the severity of his injury was yet to be known.

It is almost sure now that he will not compete against the Atlético on the 17th of May for the Spanish Cup final.

The assistant manager of the Real Madrid, Mr. Aitor Karanka is unsure how long Mesut will be out of the games.


source :

I will update this article as soon as I get more information about the injury and his recovery.

Hopping he will be better soon !

Cyrus new ambassador : Mesut Özil the famous football player

Written by Marc on 6 mai 2013. Posted in Cyrus Watches

The brand announced during Baselworld 2013 that the new ambassador is Mesut Özil the famous Real Madrid football player.


At the age of 24 (10/11/1988) Mesut Özil has already a promising career and has been compared many times the football legend Zinedine Zidane. Due to his outstanding performance in the 2010 Fifa World Cup, he ensured his place among European top talents. For about 15 million Mesut Ozil was transferred to the Real Madrid club among top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kakà.  After finishing the season with 25 assists in his new club, the highest score for any major European competition that season, Mesut Ozil performance was praised by media, fans and even other players.

You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where he regularly posts updates, news and pictures with a nice watch on his wrist ;-)



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